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Benjamin Croaker
30 September
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Ben Croaker
Ben Croaker is the chief linguist for the Department of Mysteries' Life and Death subsection, which means he spends a lot of time sitting at the Veil listening to sad stories in other languages. He rather hates his job, mainly because, well, it's depressing, but if you factor in the bit about one of his bosses trying to kill him and his wife last year, the bit about the other boss being a Death Eater and the fairly hazardous conditions, his hatred of it becomes somewhat understandable. The fact that he's a sarcastic, egotistical bastard and therefore not very well-liked may come into it as well.

At Hogwarts Ben was Sorted into Gryffindor, something he never quite came to terms with, and he insists to this day that the Hat only put him there because it wouldn't let a Muggleborn into Slytherin. He was rather ill-treated by both Houses in his school days, and his lack of strong magic and willingness to pick fights made him the school punching bag. At home, meanwhile, his older sister Janine (a Ravenclaw) was adored for her more scholarly attitudes and high marks. Ben sort of gave up on earning anyone's respect, eventually, and deciding that Sex Was Fun, slept around quite a bit. His introduction to the Veil only showed him that Death Was Not Fun, generally, and reinforced the aforementioned attitudes about sex.

Somewhere in there, he met Amelia Bones, decided she was rather interesting and very pretty, followed her around, had his arse alternately saved and handed to him by her, and fell in love. After various misadventures involving lost hands, winged monkeys, reports of death having been greatly exaggarated, and other such nonsense, they got married entirely on a whim.

Ben has an extraordinarily high Murphy Quotient, so he gets into bizarre and unpleasant situations relatively regularly. Fortunately, his Rasputin Variable is also quite high, so he never seems to die of whatever-it-is. He is extremely gifted with languages - though if asked, he will tell you his sister Janine is probably much better - and in terms of magical talents, he's best at Transfiguration.
Former Gryffindor

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