Benjamin Croaker (mystery_coffee) wrote,
Benjamin Croaker

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AGH. Janine is driving me mad.

I told Amelia I'd get her out of here, but I... somehow suspect it won't work. Because she's... well, she's Janine.

With Janine I never win. I can't win, because she is the immovable object and she's better than me and she knows it.

...this is ridiculous. She's my sister, she's patently absurd, she hasn't got a job, what am I talking about?, no. It won't work. Maybe we should do the sex thing. No we shouldn't.

Fuck. I can't just push her out. She's got to get a job and get her own flat.

Isn't she getting sick of me?

You lot in the DoMLE, I know your game. You're faking being sick to get off of work and keep everyone else from drinking your coffee. Well, it won't work. With nobody there we can steal it far better. Also, you've got Amelia pissed off, which any git can see is never a good idea.
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What the hell are you laughing at, Prewett? Is that what passes for intelligent conversation with you?
Your wife is pissed off!

That's funny.
Your boss is pissed off. I think it's rather worse news for you than for me.
... you know, that's a lovely theory.
Except it's wrong.
More coffee for me, either way!
Good, you'll get sick and want to die like the rest of us.
I assure you, I've worked in Life and Death long enough not to want to die from a bad case of the sniffles.
I'm bringing my own.