Benjamin Croaker (mystery_coffee) wrote,
Benjamin Croaker

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I'm worried about Amelia. I suppose I shouldn't be; it's not like she hasn't dealt with this sort of thing before, without me, but I'm just worried and I hate being worried.

...this is why I had all the girlfriends before. Caring about somebody always ends up being a terrible ordeal at some point.

...Amelia's worth it, though. I just wish she'd...

I don't know what I wish. Sometimes I think it'd just be easier if I got someone to wipe that memory of the Veil, but that's betrayal. And I'd go mad. Well. Madder than I usually am. Not that I am, but they say I am when I'm not.

Wow, I make a really terrible husband. I've gone from worrying about Amelia to deciding that NO ONE UNDERSTANDS MEEE like a stupid teenager in the space of how many words?[/private]

Rookwood, if I may ask a not-entirely-work-related question in public (and since I can write this, it's not AAAH TOP SEKRIT), WHY THE HELL ARE RANDOM MEMBERS OF THE MiB HANGING AROUND?
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